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As part of my “Preserving Childhood” mission, I look for ways to allow children to engage in imaginative play. This Tea Party with Teddy  set is a limited edition session available only in September 2017, and it’s the perfect way to let your child simply be a child! All they have to do is play – I’ll do the rest of the work. I even provide the beautiful vintage lace dress! The precious little tin tea set is packaged up in a little wicker basket when your child arrives. She can pull up a pillow and carefully unpack each tiny cup and sweet saucer. She’ll pour out some imaginary tea for her friend teddy – whom I provide! – and for herself as they chat about life. When she’s all done, we’ll have some time to practice those princess twirls! I will be sure to create a selection of close up headshots to capture that soulful gaze all children seem to have.

Of course the best part of any session is the timeless art you can create to truly capture the moment forever! I recommend a custom portrait pendant or locket, to complement the special occasion. An album is the perfect way to display each of the portraits, and of course a wall gallery is always an excellent choice! Let’s find the perfect combination together, and create this exciting experience for your child.

Girl enjoying a tea party with victorian theme including pearls and lace Unpacking play tea set on location stevenson park Vintage lacy teddy bear with headband Teddy bear picnic on location with flowers and lace Girl with her head on her hand having an imaginative play session on location with a victorian themeGirl in vintage lace gown in blush outdoors Headshot portrait of curly haired girl in blush lace dress with flower headband Dreamy portrait of girl wearing lacy headband gazing off camera Serious face portrait little girl with curly hair Little girl with brown hair in beautiful blush lacy dress in the woods