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One of my favorite things to do is to create themed¬†sessions for children! I went with a Huck Finn styled session for this handsome fellow. I made his little fishing pole and provided his accessories. The Tom Sawyer book was the icing on the cake! This little guy loves to go fishing with his grandpa so he was a complete natural. I could stare at his big blue eyes all day! This little wooded location is very close to the parking lot and sidewalk, so it’s quite accessible. The sun streaming through the trees makes the perfect backdrop. This is one of my favorite parks in Friendswood, TX for children’s photography because it has a very natural, overgrown feel to it. Children should be free to enjoy their childhood and just be themselves. They fit in perfectly with a wild and uninhibited location!

Candid portrait of little boy outside pretending to fish Little boy sitting on a crate pretending to fish Collage of little boy sitting on a crate in the woods pretending to fish Sunlight streaming in as preschooler in overalls plays in the woodsBlack and white portrait of preschooler boy with overalls and straw hatHuck Finn styled session little boy reading Tom SawyerPreschooler reading the adventures of tom sawyer on locationPensive black and white portrait of toddler wearing overalls and straw hatSweet portrait of blue eyed blond curly haired boy dressed as a fishermanHeadshot of little boy with stunning blue eyes and curly blonde hair wearing a straw hat and overalls