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I hand picked Tilly to model for this session for me. I had a specific project in mind and I knew she would do great! When she arrived to her session I had this exquisite princess gown and headband waiting for her, along with a special bouquet of flowers fit for a princess. I love doing children’s photography in Friendswood because there are so many outdoor locations that give that perfect fairy tale sense! These “deep woods” are really just a few steps away from the parking lot, so Tilly and her mom didn’t have to walk very far at all. I like to do all the work for my little clients, changing my angles and perspective, so they can just focus on how much fun they’re having! Tilly was a great sport and followed my simple directions very well. Her favorite part was the twirling at the end of the session! When it was finally time to change out of the gown, she sweetly whispered to her mom, “I don’t want to!”. Don’t worry Tilly – your portraits will last forver and you can always remember how you felt being a princess for a day! Thank you so much for allowing me to create these portraits with you!

Sweet headshot portrait of a little girl wearing a lacy flower headband with pearls Blonde girl in gown with train gazes at flower bouquet Close up portrait of girl blonde hair blue eyes with flowers Girl wearing princess gown in the woods with a beautiful sunflare Timeless black and white portrait of a young girl sitting in a field Girl wearing pink ballet shoe steps onto the grass Details of dollcake dress rose gownGirl in princess dress with ballet shoes carefully steps down a hill Girl dancing in an open field with beautiful rose gown